REALTOR®s, have you noticed how our business is improving with each day?  I am currently working with two Buyers, each is in their own unique Buyer-Type Category. Buyers #1 are a combination of 2 categories actually. They are new to the area so they are "Relocates", but they also were dealt the unfortunate situation of having to go through a short sale some time back. Buyers #2 are also "Relocates" of a sort in that they moved here from Iraq; their grasp of the English language and their understanding of the home buying process are extremely limited at best. They are a combination of Relocates and First Time Buyers for sure!

Here in the Nashville-Middle Tennessee market we have a large segment of potential Buyers that fall into these categories. Many are First Time Buyers and many, who damaged their credit a few years back, are trying to once again qualify for a mortgage. What's positive about our business is the fact that so many people are back looking for new homes...Buyers of all types. I enjoy working with each every Client that I am fortunate enough to represent regardless of the price of the property, Buyer or Seller. But you know, I believe the most satisfying closings are the ones where you truly did have to overcome some serious issues, seemingly insurmountable objections. The smiles, handshakes, and hugs after all the paperwork is signed just seems more genuine. Just my opinion.